Phone Bridge Bible Study

The Phone Bridge Bible Study

Day: Most Saturday Mornings and Evenings
Times (Eastern): 7 AM and 10 PM
Number: 1-712-432-8700
Code: 9754763#

January 7, 2017 ~ Exodus 8
January 14, 2017 ~ Exodus 9
January 21, 2017 ~ Exodus 10
January 28, 2017 ~ Exodus 11
February 4, 2017 ~ Exodus 12
February 11, 2017 ~ Exodus 13
February 18, 2017 ~ Exodus 14

General Directions

  • Ask the Lord to fill you up with the Holy Spirit so that you can understand His word to your heart.
  • Read through the whole chapter.  As you read, underline words and phrases that get your attention or speak to your heart.  Don’t try to figure out why the word or phrase caught your eye, just underline it and keep reading to the end.
  • Select a few of the verses you have underlined and begin writing to explore.
  • Using an online dictionary such as The 1821 Edition of Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (, look up and write down the definitions of some of words you underlined.
  • Write a paraphrase of some of the verses and/or some of the insights that come to your mind as a result of thinking over what you have read and written so far.
  • Using some of the key verses of this passage and some of your own paraphrases, begin praying in the name of Jesus.  Ask the Lord to change you according to what you have been shown in His word.
  • Another way to explore the Bible is to ask and write the answer to one or both of these questions: 1) What might God be saying to me?; 2) What does what I have underlined, bring to mind?