Seven Keys for Beginning a Lifetime of Abstinent Living

  1. Make a sincere confession of faith. Commit to following Jesus with your whole heart. more…
  2. Find a food plan that you can follow, unaltered, in the next 90 days. Ask the Lord to send you a food sponsor and to give you the willingness to work with this sponsor daily. more…
  3. Begin reading through the Bible. Do some prayer and Bible study before your first meal of the day.
  4. Do Bible-based journaling daily.
  5. Make 3 outreach calls daily to other Christians in food recovery.
  6. Before eating each planned, abstinent meal, offer a short prayer for your needs and for the needs of others.
  7. Begin each day with goals for the day and a sketch of how you plan to use your time doing the work of the Lord.

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Ninety Days

Ninety Days

Encouragement for the Christian Overeater


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They came and began to work on the house of the LORD Almighty, their God. ~ Haggai 1:14



Bible for Food retreats are a way to fellowship with each others, but they are also a way for us to invite others to learn about food recovery from a Christ-centered perspective. There will be Bible Study lesson from the book of Haggai and workshops on Bible immersion.  Additionally we will fellowship, worship, relax, and be encouraged.  God has richly blessed our past retreats.  We hope you will join us and bless us with your presence the weekend before Thanksgiving.

  • Dates: November 20-22, 2015
  • Place:Grove Hall Retreat Center, 15 Pilgrim Pathway, Ocean Grove, NJ  07756
  • Price: The total retreat price is $135 (two to a room), and $200 (private room). Commuter weekend price is $75.
  • There is a large kitchen available with refrigerator space for your abstinent food. There is a range, oven, and microwave in the kitchen. In the past, people have brought ice chests and portable coolers and have stored these in the dining area for additional convenience. There are also restaurants in the area. We will have the whole retreat center for the weekend. The retreat center is two blocks from the beach.
  • The website for Grove Hall: http://oceangrove.org/grove-hall
  • Ocean Grove is about 1 hour from New York City and 1.5 hours from Philadelphia.  Transportation information (including train and bus information) can be found at this website: http://www.oceangrovenj.com/directions-to-ocean-grove.html
  • November Retreat 2015 registration form
  • November Retreat 2015 flyer